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How to Become an NRA Instructor

The graphic shows a black and white image of an NRA instructor teaching a class about shotguns. On the bottom portion of the image is the title of the blog, which reads, "What Are The Requirements To Become An NRA Instructor?"

How to Become an NRA Instructor

As the go-to handgun safety center on the Front Range of Colorado, Colorado Handgun Safety has worked with many individuals who are eager to become NRA instructors. Whether you want to teach people how to more efficiently use their firearms , or you want to help families learn how to protect themselves inside their homes, becoming an NRA instructor is a great way to pass on your gun safety knowledge and create a safer world. In an effort to help you prepare to become an NRA instructor, we have created a list of the requirements that will guide you to becoming a certified instructor.

What Is an NRA Instructor 

An NRA Instructor is a person certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) in the United States to teach courses on firearms safety, marksmanship, and responsible gun ownership. They complete specialized training programs offered by the NRA, an organization dedicated to promoting the responsible use of firearms.

NRA Certified Instructor Requirements in Colorado

If you’re an experienced shooter who’s eager to teach others how to properly handle a gun and exercise their second amendment rights , then you’ve probably thought about becoming an NRA instructor. From teaching people how to perfect their target skills to helping people understand gun laws, there are a ton of different areas available for NRA instructors to teach. To qualify as an NRA instructor, there are certain requirements you must fulfill. The requirements to become an NRA instructor include:

  1. Complete the basic course for the discipline you wish to teach.
    • For example, if you wish to become an instructor for pistol shooting, then you’re required to complete the NRA Basic Pistol course. If you want to teach individuals how to protect themselves inside their homes, then you’re required to complete the NRA Personal Protection In The Home course.
  2. Demonstrate your shooting skills and expertise in firearm safety.
    • You can show you have adequate firearm safety knowledge and are skilled in shooting by completing a firearm training course, or demonstrating you have adequate shooting experience.
  3. Prove safe and efficient firearm handling skills.
    • It’s essential to know how to adequately handle firearms if you want to teach others about firearm safety. To demonstrate your ability to teach others, you will fill out a questionnaire and complete certain safety exercises.
  4. Successfully complete an NRA instructor course.
    • In addition to the basic course, you must also take an NRA instructor workshop that coincides with the discipline you want to teach. Your time in this course will help you understand how to create a lesson plan and successfully pass on your knowledge to others. These courses are split up between general instructor training and training that’s specific to the discipline you’re interested in teaching.

How long does it take to become an NRA instructor

The process to become licensed involves taking a 6-hour basic instructor training (BIT), and then demonstrating proficiency in your specific discipline, whether that is pistol, rifle, personal protection. The length of these courses vary, but typically range from one to two days. Finally, there is the application process which can take several additional weeks to see final results.

How much does it cost to become an NRA instructor

Costs can vary, but generally, you can expect to pay somewhere between $100 to $450 for each course. This does not include potential costs for travel, lodging, ammunition, and other related expenses.

NRA Instructor FAQ

The NRA stands for the National Rifle Association. It's a nonprofit organization based in the United States that advocates for gun rights. Founded in 1871, the NRA has three main elements: legislative advocacy, firearm safety training, and the promotion of shooting sports and competitions.

NRA Instructor certifications are valid for two years. After this period, instructors must renew their certification through refresher courses or other requirements set by the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The national average is around $28 an hour but this can vary from state to state and depending on how much teaching experience you have under your belt. In some cases you can earn much more if you start your own academy.

Part of becoming an NRA shooting instructor is choosing your discipline. There are several different disciplines available including home safety, pistol, rifle, shotgun, and personal protection courses inside the home as well as outside the home.

Depending if you are a level 1 or level 2 coach, you will have different instructions. Level 2 requires first aid certification and at least one continuing education activity. In both level 1 and 2, a renewal application and credential fee will be required. You can find more information on the NRA website.


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If you’re passionate about teaching others about handgun safety and helping them perfect their shooting skills, then Colorado Handgun Safety will help you become an NRA-certified instructor! One of the most crucial steps to becoming an NRA instructor is successfully completing an NRA instructor course. For years, Colorado Handgun Safety has helped individuals with your same passions become one-of-a-kind NRA instructors. If you’d like to enroll in one of our NRA instructor workshops, make sure to book a spot in one of our upcoming classes before spots fill up!

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