CCW Permit Classes

This is your first step to getting your Concealed Carry Permit. Our Concealed Carry Permit Course will satisfy the requirements and provide you with all of the information you need when applying for your CCW Permit.

NRA Instructor Workshops

An array of classes to guarantee your ability to teach various topics, from valuable marksman skills to self defense.

Cheyenne Mtn. Shooting

A top-of-the-line facility with a variety of ranges for many forms of shooting.

Welcome to Colorado Handgun Safety!

A good question to ask an instructor is: “When was the last time YOU were a student?” If the answer is a long time ago, then maybe you need to look elsewhere.

Ask yourself what kind of instructor you want. Do you want a lively, up-to-date instructor with fresh insights or do you want some know-it-all codger who has been regurgitating the same material for 25 years? We keep our classes relevant to today’s ever changing safety and security needs. We guarantee that you will enjoy, have fun and laugh in our classes.

Our purpose is to provide real life relevant concealed carry permit training for both experienced and inexperienced shooters. At Colorado Handgun Safety we strive to provide a fun, non-intimidating environment to all shooters. Our classes are lively, entertaining and engaging. Our instructors are constantly in training and know what it is like to be a student.

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