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Colorado’s Choice for CCW Classes

You are your own first response. We offer the #1 rated concealed carry class in Colorado to keep you a confident gun owner.

Top-Rated CCW Courses Across Colorado

Your safety deserves the best training possible. Learn about your firearm and how to protect yourself while meeting the training requirements to apply for your CCW permit.

Engaging NRA-Certified Instructors

Our instructors are NRA-certified and have decades of firearms experience, giving you the education you need to confidently exercise your Second Amendment right.

Thousands of Confident Coloradans Trained

Join the tens of thousands who have trusted Colorado Handgun Safety to get their Colorado CCW permit. We’ll get you trained for safe gun ownership.


Does This Sound Like You?

Whatever your reasons for getting your CCW permit, we’ll be your expert instructor, teaching you the skills and self-assurance needed to be a confident gun owner.

What You’ll Get From Your CCW Class

You want to carry to protect yourself — we can make it happen. Here’s what you’ll get when you register for a class:

Meet Colorado’s CCW Training Requirement

You have to complete an in-person firearms training class to get your Colorado CCW. Our class meets and exceeds that requirement so you can apply for your permit.

Earn Carry Reciprocity in 33 States

With Colorado’s concealed carry reciprocity laws, you’ll earn the right to legally carry in the 33 states that honor your permit. That’s traveling made a whole lot easier.

Get Skills to Protect Yourself & Loved Ones

Receive expert guidance from firearms professionals on how to protect yourself. Also, get insight into firearm maintenance, gun laws, and other important information.

What Students Are Saying About Our Firearms Training

We’re Your Guide to Responsible Gun Ownership

Even when your CCW class is over, our team will be here with the expert education you need to be informed so you can confidently exercise your Right to Bear Arms.

Make Getting Your Concealed Carry Permit Easy

You’re one step closer to becoming a CCW permit holder. Here’s all you need to do:

Step 1

Register for a CCW class for only $79 bucks and unlock a wealth of information.

Step 2

Once you pass our class, you’ll apply with your certificate of completion as proof.

Step 3

Get your permit and enjoy protection, peace of mind, and exercising your Constitutional rights.

Take the Last Step Towards Your Colorado CCW

Ready to feel empowered and protected by getting your permit? Sign up for Colorado’s #1 CCW class and join the others who have already enrolled. Don’t wait until the worst happens to act. Register now to take the final step toward your CCW and gain the skills to become a confident gun owner.
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