A handgun training class is required to get a CCW Permit if you have no other valid proof of training in the last 10 years. A training class is essential to learning proper gun handling, safety, storage, and marksmanship techniques. Even experienced shooters can learn something new.

Carrying concealed is the smarter way to go. Carrying your gun in plain view gives away all the tactical advantage you gain by having your gun hidden. It is better to keep the bad guys guessing.

In the state of Colorado, You must have a permit to conceal a firearm on your person. It is a misdemeanor weapons charge to carry without a permit in Colorado. In some other states, it is a felony.

NO. You do not need to have a reason why you want a permit. If you are asked why you want a permit, “Personal Defense” is a good enough answer. Some other more restrictive states will make their citizens provide a reason or proof of need. Colorado is very supportive of concealed carry and does not require a reason.

A permit applicant must be at least 21 years to obtain a permit. There is no maximum age limit. There is an exception for persons under 21 years of age who wish to receive an emergency permit due to imminent danger to that person. THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT TO ATTEND OUR TRAINING. If you are under 21, you may take the class and then apply for a permit on your 21st birthday.

The permit is valid for 5 years from the date of issue and can be renewed.

Yes, you can use your Colorado CCW Permit in states that have formal reciprocity with our state. Currently, the Colorado Permit is honored in 32 states. A list of the states with reciprocity can be found here
However, you must follow the laws of the state that you are in while you carry. The laws of the fifty states can be found on the following websites and should be checked before you begin your trip. http://www.handgunlaw.us http://www.gunlaws.com

The Colorado Handgun Safety Training Certificate and the NRA Basic Pistol Course Certificate are valid for 10 years.

In most Colorado Counties, The cost is between $102.50 – $152.50. Up to one hundred dollars goes to the sheriff for processing and $52.50 goes to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for the background and fingerprint check.

If you are on active duty, you are not required to take a class, BUT we recommend that you do take a class. The rules of engagement and the use of deadly force are different in civilian life. It is important to know what you can and cannot do legally. Your military career can be affected if you get it wrong.

If your DD-214 is less than 3 years old, you are not required to take a class. If your DD-214 is more than 3 years old but less than 10 years old, it must show Pistol qualification in the last 10 years. If the DD-214 is more than 10 years old, then you have to attend a class or show other written proof of training in the last 10 years.

Yes, you must apply in the county you reside in. If you move to another county in Colorado, you must notify your previous sheriff within 30 days.

NO, you do not have to register your gun. The permit is for the user, not the firearm. You do NOT have to provide the make model or serial number and you may choose whichever handgun you like. However, be reasonable. Do not carry a huge gun; the whole idea is to keep it concealed. Also, tiny calibers like .22 are not the best choice.

Our instructors will discuss your needs and steer you in the right direction. We are not gun dealers, but we have a select list of firearms dealers we recommend.

There is no shooting or the written test required to get the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. If you take the NRA Basic Pistol Course, there is a written test that students are expected to score 90 percent or better on. And live-fire training is included.

Some counties require that you make an appointment to get your application processed; some counties allow you to walk in. When you arrive to get processed, you will be fingerprinted, photographed and the sheriff will collect your application fees. Your application will be reviewed and your proof of training will be copied. Your original certificate should be returned to you.

All of the Colorado Handgun Safety INC. instructors are Insured. Many instructors simply get credentials and then teach with no insurance. This is extremely unwise. Any responsible instructor will be insured. Make sure your instructor is insured before you sign up with anyone.

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