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Firearms Safety Rules

As the leading handgun safety center on Colorado’s Front Range, Colorado Handgun Safety provides you with the resources you need to become a knowledgeable, responsible handgun owner. By following the seven handgun safety rules listed below, you’ll be taking the appropriate precautions to protect yourself and those around you while operating a handgun. Whether it’s your first time holding a firearm or as a seasoned veteran, it’s crucial to follow these rules to practice the highest level of caution.

Seven Basic Firearms Safety Rules

  • Get into the practice of holding every handgun as if it’s loaded, even if you know it’s not.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, point the firearm in a safe direction, and inspect the chamber and magazine whenever you pick up a handgun.
  • If you’re not sure how to check a gun’s chamber, it’s best to leave it alone. 
  • If you want to know for yourself if someone’s gun is loaded or not, ask them to show you safely.
  • Whether your handgun is loaded or not, make sure to point the muzzle in a safe direction away from others.
  • A “safe direction” will vary depending on your surroundings.
  • Never point a handgun toward yourself or others.
  • To avoid misfiring your handgun, never lean your handgun against a car or hold it where it could slide or fall.
  • Remember that firearms can unintentionally go off when closing the action, releasing the safety, or uncocking it.
  • Make sure to load your firearm when you’re ready to fire, and you’re somewhere it can be legally and safely discharged. 
  • If you haven’t used all of your rounds, make sure to unload your handgun entirely before leaving the shooting range.
  • Before firing, make sure to identify your target beyond all reasonable doubt. 
  • It’s important to never shoot at simply movement; you must identify a target before shooting.
  • Be aware of what you could hit between you and your target and beyond your target.
  • Ask yourself, “What could happen if I miss my target?”
  • Never fire if you know there are people in front of you in the way of your target.
  • Use extra precaution when shooting at a moving target.
  • Remember that rigid or flat surfaces can cause ricochets, so take this into consideration.
  • It’s crucial to have a safe place to store your ammunition and handguns. 
  • Make sure your storage is out of reach from children.
  • A loaded firearm in the wrong hands can wreak havoc, so store your ammunition and handguns separately.
  • You need to think quickly and clearly when in possession of a firearm, so avoid alcohol and drugs, even prescribed medication.
  • Make sure your handgun is locked away safely before consuming alcohol or prescribed medication.

Colorado Handgun Safety Will Help You Become A Responsible Handgun Owner

It only takes a split second for deadly accidents to occur. However, by practicing basic handgun safety rules, you’ll prioritize the safety of yourself and others. Before you know it, these rules will become second nature to you, and you’ll be as prepared as possible to operate a handgun with the most thorough safety measures. As handgun safety experts, the professionals at Colorado Handgun Safety understand the importance of individuals correctly learning how to hold and operate a firearm safely. To learn more about the safety measures you should take when around a gun or enroll in one of our handgun safety classes, contact us today!
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