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NRA Firearms Safety Rules

Understanding how to safely operate a firearm is one of the most crucial aspects of being a responsible gun owner. To protect yourself and others, you first must understand the proper gun safety rules to handle, use, and store your handgun. Whether you have owned a gun for decades or have just learned to shoot, you need to know these NRA firearms safety rules as a handgun owner.

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Four Primary Rules of Firearm Safety: Beginner Tips

If you are new to being a firearm owner, then these tips are designed for you. While intended for beginner audiences, these tips are often neglected by advanced shooters as they become more confident in wielding a firearm. Training yourself to constantly be mindful of these safety tips ensures everyone around you feels safe and inspires confidence in you.

Known as “lasering,” “pointing,” “flagging,” or “muzzling,” it’s imperative never to let the muzzle cross in front of anything you don’t intend to shoot. This includes your own body parts and other people.

Even if you are absolutely certain that a gun is not loaded, always treat it as if it were. This means handling the firearm with care, being mindful of where it is pointed, and verifying the condition of the gun regularly.

Your finger should only be on the trigger when you have aligned the sights and made the conscious decision to shoot. Even resting the finger near the trigger can lead to accidental discharge.

Before pulling the trigger, ensure that you are aware of your target, what’s beyond it, and what’s around it. Every round you fire is your responsibility until it stops moving. Consider the possible consequences if a shot misses or ricochets.

Know whether there is a round in the chamber, rounds in the magazine, and understand the overall status of your gun. Regular checks and knowledge of your firearm’s condition prevent mishandling.

Safely unloading a firearm involves more than merely removing the magazine. The process includes dropping the magazine, racking the slide, visually and physically inspecting the chamber, and ensuring the muzzle is pointed downrange.

Guns need to live in holsters or have their slides locked to the rear when not in use. Improperly placed or holstered guns can lead to accidents.

Whether you’re a new shooter or an experienced one, continue to educate yourself and others around you about the universal firearm safety rules. Share resources, participate in classes, and be a part of the safety community.

Owning and handling firearms is a significant responsibility. Embrace the role of a protector within your community by committing to constant vigilance, training, and safe conduct.

Advanced Firearm Safety Rules: Taking Your Gun Owner Responsibility to the Next Level

Practicing the basic firearm safety rules above until it’s second nature is necessary before considering more advanced ones below. Be sure you drill the basics so you don’t harm yourself or others. Here are some advanced safety tips for those who take their gun owner responsibilities seriously.

Become a Responsible Handgun Owner With Colorado Handgun Safety

It only takes a split second for deadly accidents to occur. However, by practicing basic handgun safety rules, you’ll prioritize the safety of yourself and others. Before you know it, these firearms safety rules will become second nature to you, and you’ll be as prepared as possible to operate a handgun with the most thorough safety measures. 

As handgun safety experts, the professionals at Colorado Handgun Safety understand the importance of firearm safety education. Our goal is to help you become the most responsible handgun owner. We have the most up-to-date education and training to help you understand how to safely handle, use, and store a handgun. To learn more about gun handling safety rules or our handgun safety classes, contact Colorado Handgun Safety today!

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