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Handgun Safety In Denver North

The handgun safety experts at Colorado Handgun Safety are committed to helping you fulfill your handgun safety goals, whether that’s taking the steps toward becoming an NRA instructor or learning how to safely protect your home in King Ranch Estates. No matter what your unique goals are, we have a class that’s perfect for you! 

Serving The Denver North, Colorado, Community

Located only 10 miles north of downtown Denver, Thornton boasts over 2,000 acres of recreation area where people love to golf, practice their handgun skills, and hike the nearby trails. If you frequent Shoot Indoors in Broomfield, CO, and want to learn how to improve your aim or you have a passion for handgun safety and want to become an NRA instructor and teach your fellow Denver North neighbors, then Colorado Handgun Safety can help you!

Available Classes

Our Concealed Carry Permit class is a four-hour comprehensive class that encompasses everything you need to learn to become a responsible gun carrier. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to receive your concealed carry permit.

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Learn More About CCW Classes

This 2-part workshop includes NRA Basic Instructor Training and NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Training. This workshop is geared towards experienced shooters who are interested in sharing their knowledge with others.


This 2-part workshop is created for experienced shooters who have completed NRA Basic Instructor Training. During this workshop, you’ll have a chance to participate in role-playing and range drills to further enhance your skills.
If you have been ordered to attend a Firearms Safety Training, this class will suffice those requirements. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate to take back to court to prove that you attended this class.
This class is perfect for those who wish to learn more about Colorado laws surrounding concealed weapons and firearms, and the overview of what happens after a defensive shooting. This class is created for those who have a concealed carry permit or have attended our Concealed Carry Permit class.
Over two days, you’ll learn the fundamentals of basic pistol shooting, as well as practice on the range and learn how to properly clean handguns.
Our NRA Basic Rifle Course includes both education and range practice. Students learn the basics of safe target shooting using a rifle, as well as how to properly clean a rifle.
Our NRA Basic Shotgun Course will teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to safely use shotguns to shoot a moving target. In addition to learning how to properly clean a shotgun and the components of a shotgun, you’ll also have shooting practice on the range.
This crime prevention program will help you learn how to increase your overall awareness and teach you techniques to avoid criminal confrontation.
This course teaches integral skills needed to use a gun in your home for self defense. In addition to learning basic defensive shooting skills, you’ll also learn how to respond to a violent confrontation and the laws that surround a self-defense shooting.

Areas We Proudly Serve In Denver North, CO

Denver North, Colorado, is home to over 25 major parks, Carpenter Recreation Center, and friendly neighborhoods. Colorado Handgun Safety wants to help the residents and business owners of Denver North, CO, learn how to enhance their handgun safety skills to be able to protect themselves if needed. If you’re interested in enrolling in one of our many handgun courses, make sure to sign up for a spot while spaces are still available!

Take Your Firearm Class With Colorado Handgun Safety

We’re dedicated to providing comprehensive education and training courses for newcomers and experienced handgun users alike. We believe that gun safety starts with education. If you’ve never handled a weapon before or are looking to brush up on your skillset — Colorado Handgun Safety in Denver North has you covered!

We offer several different types of courses, including our NRA Basic Pistol Course, NRA Basic Rifle Course, CCW class, Women’s CCW course, and more! You can be sure that you are receiving comprehensive instruction from trained professionals who understand the importance of gun safety. We guarantee that by taking our courses, you will leave with a greater understanding of both firearm fundamentals and responsible gun ownership practices. Sign up now!

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