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Colorado Firearms Training for Woodland Park

Teller County is home to many gun owners. At Colorado Handgun Safety, we’re proud to provide firearms training for Woodland Park residents and surrounding areas. Our gun safety classes cover a variety of topics, from basic gun handling to concealed carry instruction. Our experienced instructors will teach you the fundamentals of safe firearms handling, as well as how to properly use and store your firearms.

We also offer advanced training for those who already have experience with firearms. Whether you’re a first-time gun owner or an experienced shooter, our classes will give you the skills and knowledge you need to handle firearms safely and responsibly. View our class schedule to find the right class for you.

Bringing Gun Education to the Woodland Park Community

Woodland Park is home to beautiful Pikes Peak and Pike National Forest, attracting many adventurers looking to fish, hike, and practice their target skills. Colorado Handgun Safety works to ensure that all firearm owners in Woodland Park are educated on the safety and proper use of firearms. Our classes are fun and informative, providing the knowledge and skills needed for safe firearms handling.

Whether you’re a member of the Teller County Shooting Society and want to improve your aim or you’re interested in applying for a CCW permit, Colorado Handgun Safety has the education and experience necessary to help you reach your handgun safety goals. See why our team has been trusted for firearm safety classes in Colorado for years!

Our Gun Training Classes

From beginners to more advanced shooters, our courses cover all aspects of firearm safety and responsible handgun ownership. Learn the basics of gun handling, as well as advanced topics such as self-defense and CCW permits. Our classes are taught by experienced instructors who make learning approachable. Read about more of our classes below and view our schedule to sign up.

Our concealed carry permit class is a 4-hour comprehensive class that encompasses everything you need to learn to become a responsible gun carrier. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to receive your concealed carry permit.

This ten-hour course was created by the National Rifle Association and is an excellent choice for those who are just beginning to learn about handguns. You’ll cover topics such as gun safety, handling, storage, cleaning, and more.

This course is designed for those who are interested in learning the basic knowledge and skills associated with rifle shooting. This course covers topics such as rifle components, fundamentals of rifle shooting, safe gun handling, and more.

This course covers the use, handling, and storage of shotguns. Expect to spend 10 hours learning about the basics of shotgun shooting, as well as gun safety and proper handling techniques for shotguns.

This course is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills needed to reduce your chances of becoming a victim. You’ll learn about home security, cyber-security, vehicle safety, and more. There are no prerequisites for this class.

This class is for those who are interested in learning how to protect their home and loved ones from danger. This course covers gun safety, home security, self-defense tactics, and more. You will shoot about 100 rounds of live ammunition in this course.

This class is designed for those who are interested in learning how to protect themselves and their families when they’re out and about. You will learn the legal aspects of self-defense, as well as shooting techniques and safety considerations. The course is also broken up into two parts, the first consisting of mostly classroom instruction and the second being time spent at the range.

If you’ve been court-ordered to attend a firearms safety course, we can help. Our CCW class will teach you the basics of gun safety. No matter your reason for needing to take a court-ordered firearms class, Colorado Handgun Safety has the classes you need to stay safe.

This class is designed specifically for women interested in learning how to safely carry a concealed weapon. We’ll cover the same CCW topics with an emphasis on safety and self-protection for women. Plus, we’ll go over holster options, grip techniques, and concealed carry methods for women CCW permit holders specifically.

If you’d like to get one-on-one instruction at the range, we can do that, too. At Colorado Handgun Safety, we offer private instruction in all aspects of gun safety and marksmanship. Our experienced instructors will work with you to help meet your training goals, whether it’s getting comfortable shooting a handgun or working on precision marksmanship.

Areas We Proudly Serve In Woodland Park, Colorado

Colorado Handgun Safety is dedicated to providing a welcoming, non-intimidating environment for the residents of Woodland Park. We offer the courses listed above at our Woodland Park location, as well as private group classes and range instruction.

So, if you’re looking to get your concealed carry permit or just want to learn more about gun safety and handling, we have the courses for you. Here are some of the areas we serve. We look forward to serving the Woodland Park community!

Sign Up for Firearm Safety With Colorado Handgun Safety

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we believe that firearm safety education is an important part of promoting responsible gun ownership. Our instructors are NRA-certified and have experience teaching courses in handgun safety, basic marksmanship, proper handling techniques, and defensive shooting. We also offer a variety of special courses, such as concealed carry training, home defense strategies, and private range instruction.

We believe that knowledge is power when it comes to owning firearms responsibly. With our classes and resources, we strive to foster an environment of respectful dialogue about gun ownership in Woodland Park and beyond. If you’re interested in learning more about Colorado Handgun Safety or would like to sign up for one of our courses, view our schedule today!