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Living in a busy city such as Denver means that anything can happen. And if the worst does happen, then you want to be prepared to defend yourself. Colorado Handgun Safety is a leading expert on firearm training, with courses ranging from private range instruction to basic rifle classes and women’s concealed carry courses. Our NRA-certified team wants to make sure you become a safer and more responsible gun owner. View our handgun safety classes in Denver and enroll today.

Bringing the Denver Community Expert Handgun Training

From serious assault to burglary, Denver is not immune to the crime that large cities often face. However, having some self-defense training or concealed carrying can make you feel safer, whether in your own home or walking the streets of downtown Denver at night. Therefore, when it comes to firearm training, you should only trust your education to the best. We take gun responsibility seriously here at Colorado Handgun Safety. 


That’s why we provide our students with various gun classes, from home defense to our popular CCW courses. Our comprehensive approach means you’ll get plenty of class time and hands-on experience at the shooting range. We want you to be a confident gun owner and shooter. Read more about the Colorado Handgun Safety experience by tapping below.

Getting Started With Our Basic Firearms Training Courses

We offer a variety of courses for beginners who are just getting started or very early on in their firearms journey. These classes are designed to take you from beginner to intermediate really fast. Take a look for yourself.

Concealed Carry Permit Class

Our class includes a discussion on the laws for concealed carry and the use of deadly force. This class stresses the responsibilities of the concealed carry permit holder, pistol technique, and different methods of carrying. Completion of this class will give the student a completion certificate necessary when applying for a concealed carry permit.

NRA Basic Pistol Course

The NRA Basic Pistol Course focuses on the fundamentals and is a great starting place for new shooters. Five hours of instruction take place in the classroom and the other five consist of live fire range instruction and handgun cleaning.

Private Range Instruction

Private instruction is great for beginners because you get special one-on-one instruction focusing on firearm safety and shooting training. There is no waiting in line for your turn to shoot. Private range instruction is done in a fun, comfortable, and supportive environment. Instruction is encouraging and designed to diagnose and correct shooting errors while emphasizing safety.

Our Firearms Safety Classes in Denver

We offer several handgun safety courses in Denver for individuals of all levels. So no matter if you’re a beginner shooter or you’ve owned guns for decades, we promise you’ll learn something new with Colorado Handgun Safety. Take a look at our available courses to see which is perfect for you.

What Our Denver Firearms Students Say

Areas We Proudly Serve

Our mission is to help as many people become responsible shooters as possible. We work hard to create a non-judgmental and welcoming environment where you feel comfortable asking questions. See the areas we serve near and in Denver. We’re located at 8821 E Hampden Ave Suite 102, Denver, CO 80231.

Denver Gun Education Resources

In an effort to help our community become safer and more responsible gun owners, Colorado Handgun Safety offers gun education resources for Colorado residents, from training tips to Denver gun laws. Read more on our blog or explore the posts below.

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Ready to become a better and more responsible gun owner? Colorado Handgun Safety is here to help you reach your handgun safety goals. Our team of NRA-certified instructors will lead you to success regardless if you enroll in one of our basic safety courses or advanced training classes.

Not only will we give you the necessary hands-on training to protect yourself, but we’ll also teach you up-to-date Colorado gun laws so you stay informed. So don’t settle for subpar firearms training. Instead, enroll in the best with the best at Colorado Handgun Safety! View our Denver firearms classes and register now.

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