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Become An NRA Pistol Instructor

When people want to apply for their CCW license or expand their firearm safety knowledge, they take a firearm safety class. For people to gain the knowledge they need to be responsible handgun owners, the instructors of these courses have to be passionate about their jobs and dedicated to improving people’s firearm skills. If you’re passionate about the firearm industry and want to teach others how to use pistols correctly and safely, you might be the perfect fit for an NRA Pistol Instructor.

At Colorado Handgun Safety, our NRA-certified instructors know the process of becoming a thorough instructor and have the education and skills to help you become one! Our NRA Pistol Instructor Workshop will help you create a solid foundation you can use to help others become the best pistol owners possible.

How To Become An NRA Firearms Instructor

You must meet a few requirements to enroll in our NRA Pistol Instructor Workshop. The NRA created these requirements to ensure that anyone teaching others about gun safety has the passion and skills required for the job. Some of the requirements for hopeful NRA Firearms Instructors include:

  • Completion of a basic handgun safety course in the discipline you wish to teach. So, if you want to be an NRA Pistol Instructor, you must have completed an NRA Basic Pistol Course.


  • Demonstrating a proficient background in firearm safety and shooting skills. You can verify your knowledge by either previous firearm training and/or past shooting experience. You also need to show that you know the ins and outs of all action types associated with the discipline you wish to teach.


  • Completing pre-course questionnaires and qualification exercises to show that you use safe firearm handling skills. These questionnaires and exercises will be given to you by an NRA Certified Training Counselor during an instructor training course.


  • Successful completion of a discipline-specific instructor training course. So, if you want to be an NRA Pistol Instructor, you need to complete the training course for the NRA Basic Pistol Course. Plus, you must get the endorsement of the NRA Training Counselor leading the class.

What's On The Agenda?

When you take the NRA Pistol Instructor Workshop at Colorado Handgun Safety, you can feel confident that you’ll receive the proper training and education to become a high-quality instructor. During the workshop, you’ll cover a variety of topics that will help prepare you for teaching your own classes, including:

NRA Instructor Workshop FAQ

This workshop is $400 per student; $100 for NRA Basic Instructor Training and $300 for NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Training.

We made this workshop thorough and covered every topic you could imagine because we want to make sure you get all the information you need to become the best NRA Instructor you can be. That said, the course is about 16 hours long and spans over two days.

Yes, you must be at least 21 to be an NRA-certified instructor.

NRA Instructors must receive individual certifications for each course they want to teach. So, if you’re going to teach both an NRA Shotgun Course and an NRA Pistol Course, you would need to receive certification for each.

NRA Training Counselors teach NRA Instructor training workshops. In addition, NRA Training Counselors have received special certifications to be prepared to teach you how to teach others to shoot.

If, for any reason, you fail the NRA Pistol Instructor Workshop, you can re-enroll and try again later!

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Take The First Step Toward Becoming An NRA Pistol Instructor

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we understand the dedication, education, and training it takes to become an NRA Instructor. Therefore, we’ve created an extensive course to help you build on the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to become a successful NRA Instructor.

If you want to help other individuals improve their gun safety and become experienced shooters, then a career as an NRA Instructor may be perfect for you! Contact our team today to learn more about what it takes to become an instructor and pass on essential handgun safety knowledge.

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