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Court-Ordered Firearm Safety Training

Colorado Handgun Safety is proud to offer a wide range of classes aimed at helping the individuals of Southern Colorado become well-rounded gun owners and shooters. Among these classes is our court-ordered handgun safety class, designed for individuals required to attend a firearms safety training course. Whether you’re required to take this class as part of your probation, or you must complete this class before having your firearms license reinstated, our team is here for you.

Our concealed carry class is a type of handgun safety class and will satisfy the requirements of a court-ordered class. We understand you might feel overwhelmed about attending a court-ordered firearms safety training class, but we guarantee you that we will treat you like any other customer. Your reason for attendance will not be disclosed to others, as your privacy is important to us!

Court-Ordered Gun Safety Training Course Material

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we prioritize the education of our clients and have worked hard to create a class outline that makes the most out of your time with us. We will cover many topics in this course, including:


If you’re looking for a firearms safety training course to enroll your clients in, look no further. At Colorado Handgun Safety, we offer one of the best firearms safety courses on Colorado’s Front Range. We created this class with individuals in mind who the government may order to complete a handgun safety class. Some of the benefits of your client enrolling in our course include:

Court-Ordered Firearm Safety Training​ FAQ

We believe in educating our students to the best of our abilities. So whether you enroll in an NRA course or a CCW class, our team will always take the time to make sure you feel comfortable with a weapon and leave our facility with all of your questions answered. To help answer some questions, we’ve created a list of the most common questions we receive about our court-ordered firearms safety training classes.

Upon completing our firearms safety training course, you’ll receive a certificate you can show the court as proof of attendance.

There are many different reasons why a court could order individuals to complete a firearms safety class. Some examples are if you negligently discharge a firearm, brandish/menacing with a firearm, or fire off warning shots. This class gives the court an option much like driver’s education courses are used for drivers with traffic violations.

Yes! We’re proud to require all of our firearms safety instructors to be insured.
This Firearms Safety Class is a four-hour comprehensive review of handgun safety and Colorado firearms laws designed for all levels of shooters.

Yes, you can. However, you may want to wait until your pre-trial meeting with the prosecution so that you can offer to take the class as part of a plea agreement.

Enroll In Our Court-Ordered
Firearm Safety Training Class

There are countless reasons why the government may require someone to complete a gun safety class. Whatever your reason is, Colorado Handgun Safety is proud to be available to help you and support you during this process. As a firearms training center devoted to education, commitment, quality, and support, you will be treated like any other student when you enroll in this course. It doesn’t matter what brought you to Colorado Handgun Safety; we’re just happy you’re here.

Sign up for a court-ordered gun safety training class today; we look forward to seeing you there! Please note that when you click the “Enroll Now” button, you will be directed to the schedule for CCW classes because the CCW course covers the same topics. Even though the title is for a CCW course, we also refer to it as a firearms safety class and handgun safety class. You will be attending one of our CCW classes, but it will meet your requirements of completing a court-ordered firearms training course.

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