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Learn Handgun Safety with a Colorado Court-Ordered Gun Safety Class

Life happens, and you may have gotten arrested or charged while carrying your firearm. As a result, Colorado can suspend or even revoke your CCW permit. If that happens to you, don’t panic. Your firearms training partner is here to help. 

Our concealed carry class at Colorado Handgun Safety will meet all of the legal requirements for a court-ordered gun safety class. When you take one of our CCW courses, you get state-approved firearm education to teach you how to handle a firearm safely. So, whether you need to take this class as part of your probation or before reinstating your firearms license, our non-judgemental team is ready to work with you.

What We Cover in Our Firearm Safety Training Course

Our goal is to make you a more informed gun owner. That’s why we always prioritize high-quality education at Colorado Handgun Safety. Our instructors have worked hard to create an outline that makes the most of your time in our class. We will cover many topics in this course, including:

Get Expert Firearm Training in Colorado

A common reason to take a court-ordered gun safety course is that you received a DUI or DWAI while in possession of a firearm. But no matter your reason for enrolling in a Colorado court-ordered gun safety class, you’ll receive the firearm education you need to safely and responsibly handle a gun. 

While our CCW class will meet your legal requirements for handgun training, we don’t just stop there. Our NRA-certified instructors will teach you the responsibilities and impact of carrying a firearm. We want every student who leaves our CCW class to feel a safer and more confident firearm owner. Some of the other benefits of enrolling in our class include:

Our CCW class is only 4 hours long and gives you a comprehensive view of safe gun handling.

With class locations from Fort Collins to Pueblo, you can find a course that works for you.

Students will be issued a certificate of completion as proof of training to demonstrate to the court how to safely control a firearm.

If you’ve been ordered not to touch a firearm, you won’t need to in this lecture-style class.

If you’re still unsure if Colorado Handgun Safety is the right fit for you, explore our About page. See how our team is committed to supporting you with the highest quality firearm education in Colorado.

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Explore Our Court-Ordered Firearm Safety Training​ FAQs

When you enroll in our CCW class, we create a comfortable environment where you feel encouraged to learn. To set your mind at ease, here is a list of the most common questions we receive about court-ordered firearms safety training.

You’ll receive a certificate of completion to show the court as proof that you have successfully passed the course.

There are many reasons why a court would order someone to complete a firearms safety class. Some examples include negligently discharging a firearm, brandishing/menacing with a firearm, and firing off warning shots.

If a court has instructed you to complete a handgun training class, our CCW class will meet all of the legal requirements.

Absolutely! We require all of our firearms safety instructors to be insured and NRA-certified.

Our CCW class is about 4 hours long. It includes a comprehensive review of handgun safety, Colorado firearm laws, and the importance of responsible firearm handling. Our CCW course is open to shooters of all levels.

Of course you can! Our CCW classes are open to anyone looking to improve their handgun safety skills. 

If you have been charged while possessing a firearm, you may want to wait until your pre-trial meeting. This way, you can offer to take the CCW class as part of an agreement with the court.

No, this class does not include range time. It is a lecture-style class only.

Our CCW class costs $79. In the course, you’ll get a thorough education on the responsibilities of concealed carry, pistol techniques, different methods of carrying, and so much more.

Pass Your Court-Ordered Firearm Safety Training With Our CCW Class

Whatever your reason for enrolling in a firearm safety course, Colorado Handgun Safety is here to support you. As a firearms training center across the Front Range, we are devoted to providing our students with the best education possible. It doesn’t matter what brought you to Colorado Handgun Safety — we’re just happy you’re here.

Ready to pass your court-ordered firearm safety training? Sign up for our CCW class today to meet your legal requirements! Colorado Handgun Safety is here to provide you with the best firearms training in Colorado. Enroll in a CCW class today.

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