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The Best Firearm Safety Course in Greeley, Colorado

Safety is your top priority as a firearms owner. You know you have an enormous responsibility to protect yourself and your family from gun mishandling accidents and real-world threats. So whether you want to conceal carry for extra protection or have a gun for home defense, you need firearms training to stay as knowledgeable and safe around your guns as possible. That’s why Colorado Handgun Safety is here to be your firearms education partner in Greeley, Colorado.

As the best handgun safety center across the Front Range, our team wants to teach you everything you need about firearms safety. We’re here to answer your questions, provide up-to-date training, and push you to become a better shooter. From technical know-how to your rights and responsibilities as a gun owner, let our gun classes in Greeley help you reach your goals. 

Bringing Firearms Training to the Greeley Community

Colorado Handgun Safety is here to meet the handgun training needs of the Greeley community. We proudly offer you the resources to become a more informed gun owner and shooter. From our personal protection classes to our Greeley CCW course, our team is passionate about giving you expert firearms education to stay safe.

We do everything we can to provide a non-intimidating environment for shooters of all levels to improve their skills. We break our classes into lecture time and live-range shooting to allow you to meet our instructors, get comfortable with the course, and ask questions before hands-on training. Remember — our team is here to help you every step of the way. It’s one of the many reasons we’re considered Colorado’s best firearms training center. See more about what it’s like when you become a student at Colorado Handgun Safety.

Greeley Gun Classes You Can Count On

No matter your gun goals, we have the perfect firearms safety course. Do you want to learn how to protect your Poudre River Ranch home better? We offer several personal protection classes to teach you how to protect yourself with a handgun. Are you ready to apply for your CCW permit at the Weld County Sheriff’s Office?

Our Greeley CCW class will meet all of your requirements. Are you thinking it’s time to become an NRA instructor to teach other Greeley residents how to protect themselves? We can even help you with that. Look at our classes below to see what Colorado Handgun Safety offers.

Our Greeley CCW class is a four-hour comprehensive class that encompasses everything you need to learn to become a responsible concealed gun carrier. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to apply for your concealed carry permit for Weld County.

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Over two days, you’ll learn the fundamentals of basic pistol shooting. You’ll also practice on the range, understand the different parts of a handgun, and learn how to clean your weapon correctly.

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Our NRA Basic Rifle Course includes both class time and range practice. In addition, students will learn the basics of target shooting using a rifle and how to clean and identify parts of a rifle correctly.

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Our NRA Basic Shotgun Course will teach you the skills and knowledge necessary to use a shotgun to shoot a moving target safely. In addition to learning how to properly clean a gun and identify the components of a shotgun, you’ll have shooting practice on the range.

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This crime prevention program will help you increase your situational awareness and teach you the techniques to avoid criminal confrontations.

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This course teaches essential skills to use a gun in your home for self-defense. You will learn basic defensive shooting skills, how to respond to a violent confrontation, and the laws surrounding a self-defense shooting.

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Are you looking to improve your self-defense skills outside of the safety of your home? Then enroll in this course to learn how to handle dangerous environments to keep you and your family safe. We’ll review protection techniques, self-defense laws, and more.

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If a Colorado judge has ordered you to take a court-ordered firearms safety training course, we got your back! Our CCW course will meet all the requirements you need. In addition, you’ll learn critical handgun safety information and be issued a certification of completion upon passing.

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Our Greeley Women’s CCW class is perfect for all individuals looking for an emphasis on women’s gun safety and concealed carry. This course will cover everything you can expect in our typical CCW class. However, we understand women may have specific questions about concealed carry, such as concealed carry options, situational awareness, and how to select a firearm for particular needs. That is why our team is proud to offer this course.

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Colorado Handgun Safety also offers private range instruction for individuals looking for advanced tactical training. Our team will work with you one-on-one to expertly meet your goals for firearms training. Contact us for more information on our private range appointments.

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Areas We Proudly Serve in Greeley, Colorado

We’re passionate about helping the residents of Greeley become responsible and confident gun owners and shooters. Whether you want to learn more about Colorado handgun laws or expand your shooting range skills, we’ll help you accomplish all your safety goals. If you have any questions about our classes, please contact our team.

Upgrade Your Firearm Skills With the Top Gun Training Class in Greeley

Colorado Handgun Safety in Greeley is a great way to ensure your and your family’s safety. Our courses are taught by NRA-certified instructors who will provide an interactive learning experience in a secure environment. We also offer courses for more advanced shooters that cover topics such as defensive shooting tactics and reloading ammunition strategically.

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we are committed to providing the best education possible for our Greeley students. If you want to take a course with us, please contact our team today to learn more about our classes or view our schedule below. We look forward to helping you become a responsible and confident gun owner!

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