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NRA Rifle Instructor Workshop

If you’re interested in helping other individuals become responsible, knowledgeable shooters, becoming an NRA Rifle Instructor may be an excellent option for you! Firearm instructors are critical in helping people develop their skills, expand their knowledge, and perfect their techniques. NRA-certified instructors are also one of the essential parts of the handgun industry because they help teach those using handguns proper handgun safety. At Colorado Handgun Safety, you can train with the best of the best to earn your NRA Instructor qualifications and begin your role as an NRA Instructor.

NRA Instructor Qualifications

NRA Instructors have some of the most important jobs in the industry. As an NRA Rifle Instructor, you will be people’s first experience with gun safety education and help refresh veteran handgun owners on how to properly and safely use a rifle. The NRA has specific qualifications in place to make sure that individuals in this position can efficiently teach others. To become an NRA Rifle Instructor, certain requirements must be met, including:

  1. You have to successfully complete an NRA Basic Rifle Course.
  2. Before becoming an NRA Instructor, you must demonstrate proficient knowledge in firearm safety and shooting skills. You can show this with previous firearm training or prior shooting experience.
  3. You must complete a series of pre-course questionnaires and qualification exercises to demonstrate a solid foundation and understanding of safe handgun handling skills.
  4. Complete an NRA Instructor Training Course for this specific discipline and get the endorsement of the NRA Training Counselor who taught the course.
  5. You also need to complete NRA Basic Instructor Training.

What Will I Learn?

During your time in Colorado Handgun Safety’s NRA Rifle Instructor Workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to become a thorough instructor and help others with their rifle training needs. Some of the content covered in the workshop includes:


Instructor certification is course-specific. So, those wanting to become an NRA Rifle Instructor need to receive certification for that course. If you also wished to become an NRA Shotgun Instructor, you would need to receive an additional certification.

This workshop is about 16 hours long and takes place over two days.

You must complete a pre-course questionnaire and prove your firearm skills by completing pre-course firearm exercises.

You must be at least 21 years old to become an NRA-Certified Instructor.

Our NRA Rifle Instructor Workshop is $295 per student.

Yes, if you don’t pass our Rifle Instructor Workshop, you may re-enroll for a future date.

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Become An NRA Rifle Instructor

One of the first steps in becoming an NRA Rifle Instructor is successfully completing the proper education and training. At Colorado Handgun Safety, we teach an in-depth, valuable workshop to help you become the best NRA-certified instructor you can be. We’ll help you perfect the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to lead a successful NRA Basic Rifle Course. Contact our team today to enroll in an upcoming NRA Rifle Instructor Workshop and begin your journey as an NRA Instructor!

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