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Everything You Need To Know About Concealed Carry Classes

Colorado Handgun Safety is proud to be the go-to firearm training center on the Front Range of Colorado. From NRA instructor workshops to court-ordered firearms training courses, our experienced instructors are able to help you become the most responsible shooter possible. One of our most popular classes is our concealed carry class, designed for individuals who are interested in receiving their concealed carry permits.

Over the years, the interest in concealed carry permits has significantly increased. Whether you want to carry a concealed firearm for protection, or you want to practice your second amendment, receiving a concealed carry permit comes with great responsibility and requires completing a concealed carry class. Our team of knowledgeable and skillful instructors are here to tell you everything you need to know about concealed carry classes.

What Is Taught In A Concealed Carry Class?

Successfully completing a concealed carry course is a requirement of applying for your concealed carry permit. Concealed carry courses are designed to help you become a safer, more knowledgeable gun owner. Some of the topics covered in a concealed carry class include:

  • Learning how to properly clean, disassemble and assemble your firearm.
  • Understanding the laws surrounding carrying a concealed handgun.
  • Showing proficiency with shooting your firearm at different distances.
  • Acquiring knowledge surrounding safe methods of transporting and carrying your firearm.
  • Becoming aware of your legal rights as a citizen in self-defense situations.
  • Thoroughly understanding the responsibilities of becoming a concealed carry permit holder.
  • Studying different pistol techniques.

How Can I Prepare For A Concealed Carry Class?

In an effort to become the most responsible gun owner possible, there are a few steps you can take leading up to your concealed carry class.

  1. Decide where you’re going to store your gun.
    • As a gun owner, it’s crucial to have a place in your home where you can safely store your gun that allows you to quickly access it if you need to, but keeps it protected from unwanted hands. Research your storage options and decide which solution works best for you.
  2. Begin to understand the complexities of situational awareness.
    • Situational awareness is hard to master, but extremely beneficial for those who are carrying a concealed handgun. Situational awareness is the skill of thoroughly focusing on your surroundings, and being able to quickly assess if anything seems out of place while creating a quick plan of action for defense.
  3. Consider purchasing concealed carry insurance.
    • Concealed carry insurance, also known as self-defense insurance, is designed to legally and financially cover individuals who end up in court following a self-defense situation.

What Happens After A Concealed Carry Course?

After successfully completing your concealed carry permit course, there are a few steps you need to take in order to acquire your permit. 

  1. First, you want to submit your permit application. Upon completion of your course, you’ll receive a certificate stating that you attended and completed the course. This is a requirement in order to apply for a concealed carry permit.
  2. While you’re waiting to receive your concealed carry permit, practice the different carrying methods you learned in the course and decide which one is most comfortable for you. You can walk around your home with different holsters and experiment with different gun positions until you find a method you like.
  3. Lastly, you’ll want to create a practice strategy to continually build your shooting skills. Research different shooting ranges and shooting courses and sign up for some classes you think you’ll like. It’s important to continuously practice the skills you learned in your concealed carry course to remain ready for any self-defense situation.

Enroll In A Concealed Carry Class Taught By Colorado Handgun Safety

If you’re interested in getting your concealed carry permit, or you need to complete a concealed carry course in order to renew your permit, then Colorado Handgun Safety is the perfect place for you! With a team of knowledgeable and skilled instructors, we’ll be able to help you become a knowledgeable and responsible gun owner. Whether you’ve completed one of our courses before, or you’re a brand new shooter, Colorado Handgun Safety is here to help you thrive! Make sure to enroll in our concealed carry permit class today, and become one step closer to getting your permit.

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