Can You Get Your Concealed Carry Permit Online?

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Getting your Colorado concealed carry permit is an essential step for anyone wishing to legally carry a firearm in the state of Colorado. However, the process can leave you with questions. For example, can you actually get a concealed carry permit online? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a simple “yes” or “no.”

Colorado Handgun Safety is your number one resource for firearm education. Not only do we provide helpful gun safety articles and resources, but we also provide the necessary training for obtaining your concealed carry permit. As such, our instructors get asked all the time whether students can just get the permit online. We’re here to share our knowledge and provide clarity on this issue.

Keep reading to get your question answered and find out more about the process for obtaining a Colorado concealed carry permit online.

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What Does The Law Say About CCW Requirements?

There are specific concealed carry permit requirements in each state to become an eligible permit holder. You should always check the laws of your state to find out what the requirements are. In Colorado, the law states that a person must meet a series of requirements in order to obtain their concealed carry permit.

Two of these requirements include that a person must take an approved firearms safety training class in order to receive their Colorado concealed carry permit. You also have to undergo a background check, which requires you to take fingerprints.

With these CCW requirements in mind, there is no way to complete them online. As part of the process to obtain a CCW, you must take an in-person class and then pay a visit to your local sheriff’s office so they can submit your fingerprints for background verification.

Can I Just Take an Online CCW Class Instead?

This is a great question! However, keep in mind that the state of Colorado does NOT allow you to take an online CCW class. Your CCW class must be taken and completed in person with a state-approved program. If you take an online CCW class in Colorado, it will not count toward your permit requirements and your application will be rejected.

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Can I Complete My CCW Application Online?

This is where Colorado allows CCW holders to have a bit more freedom. As always, you should check with the jurisdiction where you own the gun for the most accurate information. Some counties may only accept applications through the mail or in person at the sheriff’s office.

That being said, you may have the option to complete your CCW application online depending on where you live. For example, Denver County allows its residents to complete their CCW application online and submit it electronically.

New CCW holders must still take the required in-person class and show up in person to get their fingerprints taken. You can submit the application online, but you’ll have to go in person at some point.

CCW renewal applications are a lot easier. You’ll be able to submit your application electronically as long as you’re not applying until 120 days prior to your permit expiration date. For example, Teller County residents can fill out a renewal application online but may still have to sign in person.

If your CCW expiration date has passed, you can still submit an application online. However, if your permit is more than 6 months expired, you’ll have to submit a new application and provide proof of your firearms safety training class certificate again.

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Final Thoughts About Online CCW Permits in Colorado

Earning your concealed carry permit can be a lengthy but rewarding process. It’s also crucial to understand that you cannot get your permit without taking an in-person training course and going through a proper background check.

While some counties do provide the option to submit your application online, you must still go in person for fingerprinting or for any other requirements that must be completed onsite at your local sheriff’s office.

As always, it’s best to do your research by reviewing your sheriff’s office’s website. Remember, laws can change over time, so you should always double-check before submitting your CCW application.

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