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New Denver Conceal Carry Laws

If you have a concealed carry permit, i’s your responsibility to understand your rights and laws around carrying a concealed handgun; otherwise, you could face criminal charges. As a concealed carry permit holder, it can be challenging to keep up with evolving laws and know what is and isn’t allowed with concealed weapons.

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we pride ourselves on keeping the community updated and immediately disclosing if laws have changed or new laws take place. Hence, you are aware of your legal rights. To help keep you as informed as possible, our team has written a blog explaining the recent ordinance that the local government put into motion on Monday, May 16, 2022. This current law has made it illegal for individuals to carry concealed firearms in Denver city buildings and parks. Keep reading to learn how this affects you and learn more about the new law.

The image shows a park in Denver with the city skyline in the back.

What Does This New Ordinance Mean? 

People have debated the topic of gun control for years. The government has the task of deciding how to protect citizens best while also ensuring that their constitutional rights are protected. In an effort to put laws in place that protect community members, the local government in Denver adopted an ordinance that makes carrying a concealed firearm in any public buildings or public parks illegal.

The council voted 9-3, and it’s said that the new restrictions will take effect once signs are posted at the entrances of public buildings and throughout public parks. Denver Council President, Stacie Gilmore, released a statement showing her support for the legislation and said she doesn’t believe that there’s a need for people to carry concealed weapons in city facilities. 

The image shows a man wearing all black carrying a handgun in a holster on his waist.

On the other hand, other councilmembers have raised concerns about their lack of belief that this ordinance will help reduce gun crimes; that the government should show more evidence before law-abiding citizens have their rights to carry concealed firearms in specific settings revoked.

A bill passed last year gave Colorado municipalities the power to regulate firearm laws as they see fit. With this new ordinance, even if you have a concealed carry permit, it is illegal to carry a weapon in city buildings or public parks.

There are exceptions to the ordinance, including:

  • Police Officers
  • Security Guards
  • Military Personnel
  • Citizens Carrying A Gun To A Gun Range

Penalty For Disobeying The New Ordinance 

Even if you have a valid concealed carry permit, you face severe consequences if you carry a firearm in a Denver building or public park. Penalties for violating the new conceal carry ban starts at $50 for a first offense and can reach up to $999 for repeat offenses. However, the city attorney’s office decided against jail time as a punishment to make sure the ordinance conformed with state law. 

Colorado Handgun Safety Ensures You Know Your Rights 

As a leading firearm safety center on Colorado’s Front Range, our experts make sure you understand your rights and are aware of when new laws take effect. For example, to protect yourself, you must realize that this new law prohibits you from carrying a concealed weapon in public parks and city buildings, even if you have a CCW permit. To keep up to date on Denver laws and understand your rights as a handgun owner, read our blogs!

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