Concealed Carry Tips and Tricks: What to Know

A picture of a man with a concealed carry weapon and the blog title that reads, "Concealed Carry Tips and Tricks: What to Know"

Whether you’re an experienced or new handgun owner, you know that concealed carrying is not a decision to be taken lightly. Plus, if you’re like most concealed carriers in Colorado, you’re looking for the best way to protect yourself and your family should the need arise. With that enormous responsibility comes the need to keep […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Concealed Carry

A picture of a handgun and an application for a concealed carry permit with the blog title that reads, "A Beginner's Guide to Concealed Carry".

If you’re thinking about getting your concealed carry permit, you’re probably researching the process and what to expect. The good news is that getting your Colorado CCW permit isn’t too difficult and doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This guide will provide you with an overview of the process and some tips to ensure you are […]

Teaching Kids About Gun Safety: What You Should Know

a picture of a father and a son learning about guns with the blog title that reads, "teaching kids about gun safety: what you should know"

As a responsible gun owner, you know that it’s important to teach your children about gun safety. But when should you start teaching them? And how do you go about it? In this blog post, we will provide some tips on gun education for kids, as well as some helpful resources. We’ll also discuss what […]

The Benefits of Women’s Gun Safety Training

A picture of a woman shooting a gun and a blog title that reads, "The Benefits of Women's Gun Safety Training".

Regardless if you are a new gun owner or have owned a gun for decades, all shooters want to learn and improve in the most comfortable environment. CCW classes and other self-defense gun classes will work to expand your shooting abilities and gun handling techniques. Women’s gun safety training classes in particular are an excellent […]

The True Cost Of Buying A Handgun

The graphic shows a black and white image of an older man standing in front of a wall with a bunch of different guns for sale on it. On the bottom-right corner of the graphic is the title of the blog, which reads, "The True Cost Of Buying A Handgun".

When purchasing a handgun, be prepared that there are additional accessories you need to purchase to become a prepared handgun owner. If you’re saving money to buy your first firearm and only allot money for the handgun itself, you’re not going to have sufficient funds for all the gun accessories you’ll need. Also, keep in […]

What is the Second Amendment and How is it Explained?

This graphic features a black and white image of a handgun resting on the Constitution. On the lower portion of the graphic is the title of the blog which reads, "What Is The Second Amendment And How Is It Explained?"

Colorado Handgun Safety is proud to be your go-to handgun safety center on Colorado’s Front Range. In addition to helping you reach your handgun safety goals, whether that’s learning to become an NRA instructor or learning how to safely operate a pistol, we’re also passionate about making sure you know your rights when it comes […]

Best Handguns For Beginners

This graphic features a black and white image of several different types of handguns laid out on a table. On the bottom of the graphic is the title of the blog post, which reads, "Best Handguns For Beginners."

Purchasing your first handgun is an investment. You want to take the time to choose one that works for you and your goals. With so many handguns on the market, it can be difficult to navigate which one is right for you, especially when you’re new to the firearm industry. You have to choose which […]

What are the NRA Gun Safety Rules?

The graphic shows a black and white image of a gun safety course. On the bottom portion of the graphic is the title of the blog, which reads, "What Are The NRA Gun Safety Rules?"

Becoming a responsible gun owner starts with education. Regardless if you have owned guns for years or just learned to shoot, you need to understand how to operate a firearm safely. From understanding the different components that make up a gun to learning how to shoot in high-stress situations, becoming a more knowledgeable shooter will […]

Are Warning Shots Illegal in Colorado?

This graphic shows a black and white picture of a man with a wide-brimmed hat on pointing a shotgun toward the distance. At the bottom of this graphic is the title, which reads, "Everything You Need To Know About Warning Shots."

What Is A Warning Shot? A warning shot is when a person intentionally fires their handgun away from their target. People use warning shots to see if it’s possible to instigate compliance without firing at the person directly. Police and the military often use warning shots to fulfill the desired end goal without having to […]

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