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Where Can You Not Conceal Carry in Colorado?

After you get your concealed carry permit, you may think you can bring your firearm anywhere in Colorado. While Colorado is an open-carry state (meaning carrying firearms in an open site is not a crime), there are still some restrictions on where you can conceal carry.

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we provide the best information about open carry laws, concealed carry permits, and firearm safety in Colorado. Our goal is to help firearm owners take the next step in their journey. One important thing to know is where you can and cannot bring your firearm in the state of Colorado – which we will address in this blog post.

Places You Cannot Conceal Carry in Colorado

In general you can conceal carry anywhere in Colorado as long as it’s not a federally owned building or posted on the premises. Here are a list of places it’s illegal to carry a firearm:

Federal Buildings and Facilities: Federal law prohibits firearms in federal facilities, including courthouses, post offices, and other government buildings.

K-12 Schools: Concealed carry is often restricted in K-12 schools in Colorado unless specific permission is granted to security personnel or it is left in the vehicle.

Airports: Concealed carry is typically not allowed in secured areas of airports. Additionally you are prohibited from transporting firearms in your carry-on.

Certain Private Property: Businesses or private property owners may post signs prohibiting concealed carry on their premises.

State Colleges and Universities: According to University of Boulder, you can conceal carry on campus except in the resident’s hall or special events.

Local Government Buildings: Some city or county buildings may prohibit concealed carry.

In general, the rule of thumb is you can conceal carry anywhere that doesn’t post otherwise and it’s wise to not conceal-carry onto federal property, especially schools and airports.

Can you Conceal Carry in a Bank?

As September 2021, Colorado state law generally does not prohibit the concealed carry of firearms in banks. However, individual banks may have their own policies prohibiting or restricting firearms on their premises.

Many banks post signs at their entrances indicating their firearms policy. Even if a bank does not have a posted policy, it’s good practice to be aware of and comply with the requests of bank management or security personnel. Disregarding a bank’s policy, even if it is not backed by state law, could lead to being asked to leave the premises or possibly facing trespassing charges.

As laws and regulations can change, it’s wise to consult local laws or speak with a legal professional to ensure you have the most current information relevant to your jurisdiction.

Can You Conceal Carry at Work in Colorado?

In Colorado, as in many other jurisdictions, the legality of concealed carry at work is often determined by the employer’s policies rather than specific state laws. Here’s a general overview:

Employer’s Policies: Employers have the right to set policies regarding the possession of firearms on their property, including concealed carry. Some employers may have specific policies that prohibit or restrict firearms at work, while others may allow it.

Property Owner’s Rights: If the workplace is on rented or leased property, the building owner’s policies may also come into play.

Parking Lots: Some states have laws that address the rights of employees to keep firearms in their personal vehicles, even if they are parked on company property. In Colorado, employers generally cannot prohibit employees from storing a legal firearm inside a locked personal vehicle in the parking lot. However, specific details and exceptions might apply.

Specific Workplaces: Certain workplaces including schools, government buildings may have specific legal restrictions on firearms.

Wrapping Up: Concealed Carry Laws in Colorado

It can be complicated to know exactly where you can and cannot carry your firearm in Colorado. That’s why we are dedicated to educating Colorado gun owners about these laws to keep them safe within the law.

Colorado Handgun Safety is here to support you in your gun ownership journey. We offer conceal carry classes accessible to everyone from beginner to advanced so you can become licensed here in Colorado. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of concealed carry, promoting responsible and lawful firearm ownership and use. Contact us to learn more about our conceal carry courses today!

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