How to Safely Get Rid of Used Firearms

Do you have a firearm that’s seen better days? If it’s beyond repair, you probably don’t want it taking up room in your home. Getting rid of a used firearm isn’t as easy as just throwing it in the trash or giving it to someone else. There are certain measures you have to take to […]

How to Transport a Gun in Colorado

How to Transport a Gun in Colorado Are you moving or traveling in Colorado and want to bring your gun? If so, you must know the rules around transporting your firearm before going anywhere. Fortunately, Colorado Handgun Safety makes it easy to understand the rules so you can travel with peace of mind. Let’s break […]

Debunking Myths About Gun Violence

debunking myths about gun violence

As the conversation around gun ownership and gun control continues to heat up in the U.S., it’s essential to cut through the noise and debunk some of the more persistent myths about gun violence. By doing so, we can better understand the critical role that gun safety and training play in promoting responsible gun ownership […]

How to Wear a Concealed Carry Holster

A picture of someone with a gun in a concealed carry holster with the blog title that reads, "How to Wear a Concealed Carry Holster".

If you’re a concealed carry permit holder, you, without a doubt, need a holster to keep your handgun secure. Holsters provide a comfortable, discreet, and safe fit for your pistol. That being said, if you’re new to concealed carry, holsters may be confusing at first. Luckily, once you get the hang of it, you’ll confidentially […]

Tips for Being a Responsible Gun Owner

A picture of someone holding a handgun with the blog title that reads, "Tips for Being a Responsible Gun Owner"

Being a responsible gun owner is an important part of owning a firearm. Not only does it keep you and those around you safe from harm, but it also helps you abide by the gun laws set in place for firearm ownership. Here are some tips for being a responsible gun owner to ensure you’re […]

The Importance of Self-Defense Handgun Training: What You Should Know

a picture of a woman firing a handgun with a blog title that reads, "the importance of self-defense handgun training".

In this highly unpredictable world, many people seek ways to protect themselves and their families. Carrying a handgun is one of the most common methods of self-defense. However, having a gun in your possession will only be enough if you know how to use it properly. That’s why taking part in self-defense handgun training courses […]

What Are The Four Primary Rules Of Firearm Safety?

More people than ever before are firearm owners. In fact, according to the NSSF, the number of first-time handgun owners grew to nearly 5 million in 2020. As a firearm owner, you have a responsibility to understand how to safely and properly handle your firearm. A lot goes into being a firearm owner, including understanding […]

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