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How to Safely Get Rid of Used Firearms

Do you have a firearm that’s seen better days? If it’s beyond repair, you probably don’t want it taking up room in your home. Getting rid of a used firearm isn’t as easy as just throwing it in the trash or giving it to someone else. There are certain measures you have to take to comply with Colorado gun laws and ensure the safety of anyone who may interact with your firearm.

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we pride ourselves on being a leading firearm education and training center. Let’s break down everything you need to know about safely ridding your home of used firearms.

Reasons to Relinquish a Gun

There are various reasons why you might want to get rid of a used firearm, including:

  • You have kids (or grandkids) in the house and prefer a gun-free home.
  • You inherited a gun and don’t want to use it.
  • A medical or law enforcement expert determines an individual is unfit to own a gun.
  • You need to make room for a different gun.

No matter your reasoning, you have various options at your disposal.

A police officer coming in to give a handshake

1. Relinquish to Law Enforcement

Did you know you can give your used firearms to the police in your area? It’s true! The process of relinquishing guns to law enforcement generally follows these steps:

  • Call your local law enforcement office to confirm they’ll take the weapon.
  • Make an appointment to determine the place of transfer.
  • Transport the weapon unloaded in a bag or gun case.
  • Meet with the officer, who will likely take a report and have you fill out some paperwork.
  • Complete the process (the police may check your firearm’s serial number to ensure it wasn’t stolen or associated with another crime).

It’s important to keep in mind that the police will not pay you for your gun. Therefore, if you want to sell it, you’re better off bringing your firearm to a gun store or pawn shop.

2. Give Your Gun to a Gun Store or Pawn Shop

You can drive to a local gun store or pawn shop to relinquish your weapon if you believe it still can be sold and used. We recommend calling the store in advance to let them know you’re coming to give them your gun. Make sure you transfer your weapon safely and keep it unloaded at all times while selling it.

Two people at a gun store or gun shop looking at two guns on a table

3. Surrender Your Firearm to a Reputable Organization

Some organizations offer safe gun disposal for Front Range residents. They’ll come to your home and pick up the gun for you, ensuring a fast, legal way to get your firearm out of your home without you having to transport it anywhere. This process is an easy and efficient way to get rid of a firearm, but you won’t get paid for donating your gun — whether it’s still in great shape or not.

4. Give Your Firearm Away

If you have a friend or family member who wants your gun, you can give it away. However, it’s crucial to follow the laws in your state. For example, Colorado state law requires a background check before you can gift a gun unless it’s to someone in your immediate family. Check out our blog on giving firearms away for more information!

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Learn More About Gun Protection With Colorado Handgun Safety

If you want to get rid of a used firearm, you have many options at your disposal. Whether you relinquish your gun to law enforcement or sell it to a pawn shop, you can safely get your gun out of your hair and potentially even make a profit. 

When it comes to gun laws and safety, Colorado Handgun Safety is the ultimate resource for Front Range residents. Our expert instructions will teach you everything you need to know — from CCW courses to NRA gun safety classes. For more information about safely getting rid of used firearms or to sign up for one of our exceptional firearms classes, contact us today.


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