Get Protection With Colorado Self-Defense Insurance

You know the importance of protecting yourself and your family. That’s why you have already invested time and money into getting your concealed carry permit. And while no one wants to think about having to use their firearm in self-defense, dangerous moments can happen in an instant.

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we’re always looking for ways to provide resources to the firearms community of Colorado. One way we do so is by partnering with Firearms Legal Protection to offer CCW insurance at a discounted rate. So, if the worst does happen, ensure you have the financial protection you need with a legal protection plan.

Benefits of CCW Insurance

Carrying a concealed firearm comes with a lot of responsibility, and if you ever need to use it, it can leave you at legal and financial risk. A law enforcement investigation is time-consuming and expensive. It’ll also require you to take time off work and hire lawyers on retainer. In addition, a civil lawsuit could occur, requiring even more expensive lawyers and court dates.

Self-defense insurance provides a network of attorneys and financial coverage if you ever fire your handgun to protect yourself or others. Some of the other benefits of concealed carry insurance include:

Concealed Carry Insurance FAQs

Our mission at Colorado Handgun Safety is to create the safest gun owners and shooters in Colorado. While our CCW classes will craft you into a responsible gun owner, your commitment to personal safety shouldn’t end there. Here are some common questions we get about self-defense insurance from our students.

Concealed carry, or self-defense insurance, is an insurance plan designed to protect you from the financial risk of a self-defense shooting. 

From attorney fees, bail bonds, expert witnesses, lost wages, and more, legal fees accumulate quickly, leaving your retirement plan or your children’s college savings fund at risk. Concealed carry insurance is the solution for gun owners who want to be as prepared as possible.

Fortunately, this type of insurance isn’t very expensive. You can expect to pay around $20 to $50 monthly, depending on the plan you choose.

For Colorado Handgun Safety students, you’ll be offered a discounted rate with Firearms Legal Protection! When you enroll in one of our CCW courses, you’ll get access to a discount code, bringing your total down to just $10 per month for a basic plan.

Yes! Regardless if you open carry or simply have a firearm for home defense, you should still consider buying self-defense insurance. Remember that your homeowners or renter’s insurance does not cover the use of firearm incidents in your home. Therefore, you are still liable for the costs associated with the self-defense incident.

Just like any type of insurance, you need to have an active policy in place before a situation arises. And while you can’t control being in a dangerous situation, the best time to get self-defense insurance is as soon as you begin to carry a firearm. So don’t forget to add this to your to-do list as soon as your concealed carry permit is approved.

Typically, your policy will not automatically cover your spouse or children. If you’re looking for this option, Firearms Legal Protection has a family premium plan that covers you and your children under 18. You should always read your plan’s coverage to get the most accurate information on what’s included.

As a partner with Firearms Legal Protection, our CCW students get their legal protection plan at a discounted rate. You’ll get more information about your discount during class, but for pricing, visit the Firearms Legal Protection page here.

Colorado Handgun Safety is always looking for firearms safety resources that we can share with our students. Self-defense insurance helps mitigate the legal and financial risk associated with owning a handgun.

Plus, unlike other CCW insurance companies, Firearms Legal Protection will pay your legal fees directly. They also will work with you personally to offer you the best recommendations for self-defense attorneys. Colorado Handgun Safety is proud to partner with one of the best and most affordable concealed carry insurance companies out there.

Yes! Concealed carry insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself from the financial consequences of a self-defense incident. Your policy will provide you with legal help, financial protection, and other resources in case of a shooting.

Save on Concealed Carry Insurance With Colorado Handgun Safety

The laws surrounding self-defense are complicated. If you carry concealed in Colorado, CCW insurance is just another way you can go about protecting yourself and your family. Avoid costly legal fees, lost wages from court dates, and repercussions from criminal charges by investing in a legal protection plan from Firearms Legal Protection.

Colorado Handgun Safety is proud to have a safety partner who can offer our students a self-defense insurance discount. Enrolling in one of our CCW classes will get you a world-class firearms education and a discounted plan from Firearms Legal Protection. So sign up for a concealed carry class now!

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