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Do Concealed Carry Certificates Expire?

A picture of someone holding a handgun with a blog title that reads, "Do Concealed Carry Certificates Expire?"

One question that frequently comes up regarding firearms is whether or not concealed carry certificates expire. The answer depends on the state where you carry a concealed firearm. Generally, most states require that individuals who wish to carry a concealed firearm obtain a permit or certificate. This permit is then valid for a set period of time — usually between one to five years.

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we’re here to offer clarification on the details of concealed carry certificates. Not only do we offer the best concealed carry classes in Colorado, but we also provide resources so that you can stay informed.

Read more from our team about the CCW process, the renewal process, and more details to be aware of within Colorado.

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What are the Concealed Carry Requirements in Colorado?

In Colorado, you have to meet a number of requirements in order to obtain a permit.

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must be a resident of Colorado.
  • You must be eligible to possess a firearm.
  • You must successfully pass a background check.
  • You must also submit proof of firearms training.

What is Firearms Training?

Firearms training is an essential part of the concealed carry process. Training provides you with a thorough understanding of state and federal laws, gun safety guidelines, and the responsibilities associated with owning a firearm.

When applying for your permit, you will be required to demonstrate proof of training.

How to get a Firearm Training Certificate

One option for obtaining a firearms training certificate is to enroll in and pass a concealed carry class in Colorado. You’ll be issued a certification of completion upon successfully completing the class.

If you are in the military or police force or have recently left the service, you may not have to undergo additional training. Check with your state’s concealed carry laws to determine their eligibility requirements.

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How Long Does a Concealed Carry Permit Last?

Once you submit your concealed carry permit application and meet the other requirements, you will be issued a 5-year certificate. Your expiration date will be printed on your certificate and it is your responsibility to make sure you renew it before it expires.

How to Complete a Concealed Carry Renewal

Once your permit is about to expire, you’ll need to renew it. You are able to renew your permit as early as 120 days prior before the expiration date. Generally, the renewal process includes submitting a renewal form and paying a fee.

This process will be much easier than your original application process. Make sure to check in with your local sheriff’s office or the state’s online resources regarding the specifics of renewal. You may even be able to submit your renewal application online!

CCW Expired? Here’s What to Do

If your concealed carry permit has expired and you haven’t renewed it, there is a possibility that you can still renew it. For example, according to Arapahoe County, there is a $15 additional fee for expired permits on top of the $63 renewal processing fee.

However, if you are more than 6 months past the expiration date, you will be required to repeat the entire process. This includes submitting an application and providing evidence of firearms training.

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Get Your CCW Certificate With Colorado Handgun Safety

If you are in the process of obtaining your concealed carry permit, it’s crucial to be aware of what’s required of you. Make sure you successfully pass your training class, pay your permit fee, and renew before the expiration date.

Colorado Handgun Safety is here to offer you exceptional concealed carry classes. We’re dedicated to providing all of our students with the best training and certification available. Our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced, and NRA-certified. Enroll in one of our courses today and get your concealed carry permit with ease by passing our CCW class!

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