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Are Concealed Carry Permits Public Record?

A picture of someone reloading a handgun with the blog title that reads, "Are Concealed Carry Permits Public Record?"

As a firearm owner, self-defense is a top priority. Many gun owners choose to exercise their right to bear arms for protection and peace of mind. As such, you may not want people to know you concealed carry. Isn’t the point of concealed carry to keep your firearm out of the public eye? So, if you’re wondering whether concealed carry permits are public record, we’ve got the answers for you.

At Colorado Handgun Safety, we offer a variety of gun safety classes and resources. We also provide the best CCW class in Colorado to help educate individuals on their rights and responsibilities when it comes to firearms. It’s important for gun owners to understand the laws in place regarding concealed carry permits.

Keep reading to learn the answer to the popular question: Are concealed carry permits public record?

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Exploring the Facts Behind Concealed Carry Permits Being Public Record

In the United States, concealed carry laws vary from state to state. There is no federal database collecting information about concealed carry permits.

Generally speaking, most states keep their lists of gun owners and permit holders confidential. This means that your name and contact information is not available for anyone to view or search online.

However, California is an exception. In the state of California, concealed carry permits are public record and can be accessed by anyone who requests them.

Other states may also allow permit holders to opt out of confidentiality. This means that individuals can voluntarily allow the public to view their concealed carry permit information. For example, Maine concealed carry permit holders have this option.

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Who Can See Concealed Carry Permit Information?

In states where concealed carry permits are confidential, only certain governmental agencies can access this information. This includes law enforcement and other entities whose job is to ensure public safety. In Connecticut, for example, the Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services can also access concealed permit information.

In the state of Colorado, all CCW permit holders’ personal information is confidential. However, law enforcement officers may have access to this information to verify a person’s permit. Court orders, such as a search warrant, may also be used to access the confidential information of CCW permit holders.

It is important to note that even if your state does not make concealed carry permits public record, it does not mean you are invisible when carrying your firearm. Law enforcement officers can still ask for proof of a concealed carry permit during a traffic stop.

Pros and Cons of Concealed Carry Permits Being Public Record

There are many individuals who believe that concealed carry permits should remain confidential. On the other hand, some people feel that it is important for permit holders to be transparent about their firearms.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common arguments for and against making concealed carry permits public records.


  • Increased transparency in gun ownership
  • More scrutiny for permit holders to ensure safety
  • Easier for law enforcement to identify firearms owners


  • Potential risk of firearm theft if the permit holder is targeted
  • Privacy invasion for those who choose to conceal their firearms
  • Increased stigma around gun ownership

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Bottom Line: Are Concealed Carry Permits Public Record?

The answer to this question is, it depends. In states like Colorado, concealed carry permits are confidential and only certain governmental agencies can access this information. You should always check your state’s freedom of information laws if you are curious about whether or not concealed carry permits are public record.

Colorado Handgun Safety is here to be your resource for all of the information you need to know about concealed carry laws and permits. We offer CCW classes across Colorado to help you stay informed and safe. We also have a variety of other gun safety classes, like our NRA Basic Pistol Course and NRA Refuse to be a Victim Course. Contact us today to learn more about our gun safety classes!

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